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Hey guys! I’m back from Branson! Well we didn’t go to Branson first. we went to see the Passion Play in Eureka Springs,Arkansas first. They also had a HUGE statue of Jesus that we looked at before the play. It was really good. It was about the crucifiction and rising of Jesus Christ. It was also very cold but they were renting blankets (it was outside). The next day we went to Silver Dollar City and we rode powderkeg and it was so fun. It scared me last year cause it was my first real rollercoaster but I had fun this time! If you want to know what it’s like search “Powderkeg Silver Dollar City” on Youtube.  Me and my friend also went off and found this ride called the Electric Slide! It’s so fun. It’s like this ramp like track and there’s this circle with seats on the outside and you lean forward to hold on to the handlebars and something comes up to hold your back so you don’t fall out. So it spins while it’s going up and down the track. If you watch 18 kids and counting it’s the thing that they ride at the end of the episode where they go to Dollywood. We had so much fun!


Hey guys! Remember earlier this year when I went to Branson,Mosourri with my church group? Well I’m going again soon! I’m taking a friend and we’re so excited! Last year I forgot my toothbrush and my conditioner ( 😳 ). So we’re making a list of all the stuff we need. Also i didn’t take anything to occupy myself on the drive there last year so it was BORING riding there  so we’re taking alot of stuff! I’ll tell you more about it later. =)

s t u p i d k e n y e ! t a y l o r i s w a y b e t t e r t h e n b e y o n c e ! : )


Did you guys watch the VMAs last night? Well Kenye West just took the mic from Taylor Swift after she won the award for Best female Video and said she didn’t deserve it and that Beyonce had the best video ever!! 😡   I feel so sorry for Taylor. That must be so embarrassing for her!

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Heyyy! This is WebkinzGirl57! I am a proud to say i am new member of WFL! YAY! 😀

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My Patronus!!

Hey guys! You may not know that I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter!!! And I do mean obsessed. Like how some people are obsessed with Twilight. So I took a test to see what my Patronus is and…

IT’S A WOLF! Awesome! So yeah… that’s pretty much it. TTYL.